The first thing you think of when it comes to scamming is that usually its perpetrators operate in silence, maybe flossing expensive wares and lavish vacations on the 'gram but never taking credit for the crimes they commit. But Joanne the Scammer, an online sensation and self-proclaimed "messy bitch who lives for drama," is changing the game. 

The brainchild of Florida comedian Branden Miller, Joanne dons contacts, a plush fur coat, and a signature blonde wig that's always slightly askew. While we're never sure what exactly Joanne is scamming (we've seen credit card and identity theft, petty and grand theft, fraud and deception), she describes her heists in hilarious videos and soundbites under 140 characters. She may have started as the latest meme-centric inside joke, but Joanne the Scammer has become a full-blown viral sensation. Paper described her as "a gorgeously exaggerated meshing of meme culture and the darkness of the deep web and Craigslist with elements of gender fluidity, hip-hop and the ball scene tossed in."

Complex talked to the gawd herself about scamming, feminism, and the upcoming election.  

Complex: Why scam?
Joanne the Scammer: Why else? 

What does Caucasian mean when you use it as a verb? 
It means I'm living very nice. Also means I'm greater than. 

Why does Joanne mostly scam men?
Men are vulnerable pathological liars. They think with their dicks and can't accomplish shit without the help of a woman. I had a shitty break up with a man once. Ruined me as a white woman. Haven't been the same ever since. 

What are your best tips for scamming a man?
I'll write a book. The book will have, in detail, the perfect way to scam a man. Not only will I talk about scamming men, I'll talk about how you can scam Wall Street. Like me.

Joanne is obviously a "kept woman": Her wigs are laid, she prefers body con dresses. Is this a personal preference or just another part of the scam?
Personal preference. 

How does Joanne stand wearing a fur coat in the summer?
I stand [it] because that fur coat is $20,000 babe, truly. People wear fur coats in New York all year round. Why can't I? 

What are some common problems with dealing with the lower class? 
They are very loud people, honestly. They make pointless statements. They cry too much. Always see them asking for help. They struggle more than me, they are problematic, disrespectful, ugly people. Truly.

How do you feel about feminism?
I root for women all the time. I feel it's a bit complicated though. It's almost like if you say you're feminist, you get attacked. Why can't we just be a fan of females? It's almost like you have to be intelligent to even bring the word up, which I think is silly. 

Is Joanne a good feminist role model?
I don't know. You'd have to ask yourself. I don't consider myself a role model. More like a shero.

Who is Joanne voting for in the upcoming election?
Hillary Clinton. Eight times. All different identities. 

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